Monday, June 15, 2009

NDISB Blog Train

Natural Designs in Scrapbooking (NDISB) has a blog train for June! At each stop, you can pick up a part of this great kit, Childs Play. Plus, many of us on the CT have created Quick Pages and Word Art freebies for you. Here are previews of the kit.

Here are my treats for you. :)

Click HERE to download the WA.

Click HEREto download the QPs.

The next stop on the train is Design Dispositions

If you get lost, you can always go back to the NDISB Blog to find the entire list of stops. Have fun and show us what you create with your goodies!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cincinnati Reds Game

We had a great trip to the Cincinnati Reds Game last Sunday, June 7. My DH and his chorus, the ThunderTones, got to sing the National Anthem before the game. We chartered a bus and took about 40 people. I got to go down on the field with them so I could take pictures. It was really neat walking through the bowels of the stadium. I got pictures but I had to take them fast so some are out of focus. The game went 14 innings and the Reds lost, which was a bummer, but all in all it was a lot of fun.

Friday, June 5, 2009


It's another month and the digiscrap challenges are being posted around the net. I'm hosting a scraplift challenge at NDISB. A scraplift is a layout created using another layout as inspiration. You might use the colors, the style, the subject or something else that gets your mojo going. This month we are scraplifting this beautiful LO by bunnynose, 'Little Joy.'

Here is my scraplift.

Here is a LO that I created for the WordArt Challenge at NDISB.

Here is a LO that I created for the Recipe Challenge at NDISB. For a Recipe Challenge you are given a list of pieces to include in your LO.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Artisan Notebook

Wow! I just got a great surprise. The wonderful Artisan Notebook for June is now available and MY PROJECT is on the COVER. Can you see me doing a happy dance? Hee Hee I knew that my article would be inside but I didn't expect to see it on the cover. The magazine is available at NDISB and a number of other sites for purchase. It is 73 pages full of ideas and contains 4 gifts for download.

DSAG June Kit

The DSAG June member kit, Licorice & Lollipops, is now available here.

Here is a layout that I created with the kit. Aren't my granddaughters cute? They were having torrential rains and being my granddaughters (:D) their hair got extra curly.

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Birds are Back

Have you ever noticed the strange places that birds build their nests? Over the years we have had many birds build nests behind outside lights. You know, where you can't turn on the porch lights for fear of blinding the babies. We have gotten birds in our chimney for quite a few years now. Sometime in May, I will hear the babies start chirping. They only do it when the Mother shows up with food. (Yes, I am assuming here.) I can hear a swoosh which sounds like the Mother arriving and then they start calling. This only lasts several weeks and then it goes quiet and they are all gone. We have never had a smell or a fire so I don't worry much about it. I guess we do need to schedule a chimney sweep.

This year a house wren has built a nest in our paper box. The first 2 attempts used the days paper as a base. These got dumped on the ground. She persisted however and the next attempt was without a paper base so gave in and let her build. Now the paper carrier sets the paper on top of the box in a bag. We haven't heard anything so I don't know if there are babies. I hope that we don't need to wait all summer to empty it (read "replace it").

Monday, May 18, 2009

Show was a Success

The Thundertones Show Saturday night was wonderful. The rain fell outside but inside, those who braved the elements were treated to a sweet skit about Grampa's memories hidden up in the attic. The sound system was excellent. The guys 'mostly' remembered their lines and the singing was beautiful. There was plenty of food and drink at the AfterGlow Party that followed immediately afterwards. Everyone seemed to have a great time but it is a relief to have it over.

Here is a photo of the group.

Here is a photo of the young girl who played the grand-daughter.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

ThunderTones Show

Today is the ThunderTones Spring Show, "Grampa's Attic." I'll need to hold my DH, my "star," together today so my blog will need to wait. Thanks to Amy E. Head and her website, I've learned a few more tricks. I guess that in a week or so this will all be old hat. :D

I'll post some pictures of the show and maybe a short video clip tomorrow.

Friday, May 15, 2009

New Pictures

OK, I've been working on this since I woke up today and I'm not much further along than yesterday. Patience, I know.

I did receive some photos of my 1st Great-grandson today. Isn't he a cutie? Love those big brown eyes!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

First Post

Just take a deep breath and jump! That's all I can think about as I begin this adventure. It is only half working but all will come with enough time and effort.

My life is full of wonderful memories and I hope to share some of them here, with you. So welcome!

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